Nomnivore (nomnivore) wrote in bepimpled,

Dealing with the bad self-esteem


I'm 30 (yes, thirty!) and my skin is worse than it's ever been. This is for two reasons. Firstly, I'm going through a huge amount of stress at the moment. Secondly, I was on the pill (Valette) and it was working beautifully for my skin. However, a few months ago I had a really awful four day long migraine, which my doctor and I thought were due to the pill. I took a break from the pill, then decided to go on a different pill that has a lower risk of migraines. Sadly, in that time, my skin has broken out like never before. I have huge gross pimples all over my face and my forehead has all these tiny bumpy pimples.

The ironic thing was when I was a teen my skin was never this bad. I only really got acne when I was in my twenties.

I'm currently using Differin which has worked in the past.

My question is: how do you cope with the low self-esteem? I can barely look at myself in the mirror at the moment. I just feel so disgusted with myself and feel completely ugly. Does anyone have any tips on feeling okay when your skin isn't?
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