thinify_me (thinify_me) wrote in bepimpled,

PLEASE HELP.  i am incredibly frustrauted at this point.  
my skin in slightly sensitive and prone to being oily.  I usually have 5-6 pimples on my face at a time which is added to by huge black heads on my nose and chine as well as randomly scattered on my cheeks.  i have cystic acne (i take doxycycline for it which usually works, but theye been getting worse since i stopped using differein) and i have a ton of white heads all over my face and especially below my mouth and along my jaw line.  i stopped using differin about two weeks ago and substituted it with tea tree oil and witch hazel, i REALLY don't want to be on perscription medications anymore.  my skin improved at first but now its just the same again.  
i need any and all suggestions that reallly work, anything from diet to scrubs to oils and whatever.  i feel like i would be so pretty if i just didn't have acne.  i am so tired of it.  help.
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