framlove (framlove) wrote in bepimpled,

My boyfriend

This is not a post for me but for my boyfriend. He has had Nodulocystic Acne for years now. It covers most of his face and neck and he sometimes gets acne on his back. A lot of the time I can't touch his back in a certain way because it will hurt, he has told me multiple times that when he turns his head it hurts, he can't shave his neck most of the time because of how sensitive it is, he gets nosebleeds from the acne occurring inside of his nose, and he is completely frustrated and gets embarrassed by his appearance. I love my boyfriend with all of my heart and hate to see him in so much pain and see him be so angry with his own body. He has been to doctors, has taken medications, has used creams and etc, and has been through a horrible experience with a deep treatment facial and refuses to do one again. I, personally, like to use all natural treatments. I don't want him to have to use medication or any topical medications laced with any chemicals. I've tried those before with my own acne and they just dried the life out of my skin and I stopped using them as soon as I could.
So, does anyone know of any natural treatments my boyfriend could use or "natural" life changes, such as diet or vitamin intake, that he could start that could help him get rid of his acne? I just want him to be happy.
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