sir2blu (blu_pets_sir) wrote in bepimpled,

Accutane, the sequel

Howdy all. After much deliberation, I have decided to start another round of the very controversial Accutane. Not a decision I take lightly, given the novel long list of side effects, but I felt it was worth the risk to me.

A little background on me, I am a 44 year old male, a bit older than your typical acne sufferer for sure. I suffered from HORRID cystic acne in my teens and tried every remedy in the book to no avail, until a new drug appeared on the market and saved my high school life. Accutane was very new back then, VERY expensive but oh so effective at basically putting an end to my acne. Not only that, but basically my entire 20's were acne free as well. Shortly after I turned 30, I started having a few breakouts here and there and it's gotten worse over the years. Nothing like it was in my teens of course, but in my case the problem is that even one cyst can get so painful and be completely humiliating. A few years back I finally decided to see a dermatologist again and was prescribed Doxycycline, which was somewhat effective for a while. I have also been getting injections when large cysts rear their ugly head (no pun intended) but that gets really expensive. And so, after much thought, I decided that I am tired of paying so much for injections, taking Doxycycline twice daily and living with the constant fear of when the next breakout will occur. After talking with my dermatologist, we decided to give Accutane a try.

From what I can recall, when I took it 28 years ago, my side effects were very minimal. Just some dry skin. The hoops you have to jump through now in order to even get your prescription filled are rather staggering. Monthly blood tests, doctor visits, pledge program, signing over your first born.... and that's just for a MALE to get it. God only knows how difficult it would be for a female with all of the birth defect warnings. Since the drug has not changed much in 30 years, I figure I am somewhat safe from the scarier side effects, but I will certainly keep a close watch on things.

Anyone else out there taking Accutane currently? What are your experiences with it? Thanks in advance, I'll keep you updated of my Accutane journey.
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