dismorphicfeb (dismorphicfeb) wrote in bepimpled,

Worried, stressed and at my wits end

Hey everyone. I've just joined Live Journal to try and get some support over my acne problems.
In all honesty, I have mild acne but it's destroying my self-esteem and ruining my relationships. I actually broke up with my boyfriend over it because I was so convinced I looked hideous and I just couldn't cope with him seeing me without makeup in the morning when i stayed over.
Thankfully, we are back together (he took me back because he knows how depressed i am right now)
I've been on anti-depressants and am in councelling for my low-self esteeem. I'm also currently on the contreceptive pill Dianette but am only on day 6. I'm also using Retin-A, but only at the lowest strength.

I have some questions to ask you guys and I really hope you'll get back to me as my acne is making me want to die sometimes(I'm sorry for being so extreme-but it's the truth)

1. Has anyone else been on Dianette? Or Dianette-35? Did it work for you and how long did you take it?
2. I have red scar marks on my face from previous acne. Should I get a chemical peel? Will it work? What type etc?
3. I smoke. It's terrible I know. Would this make my skin worse? I'm worried that if I stop my skin will get more oily and so...more spots
4. Lastly, how do you deal with the low-self esteem associated with acne?

Thanks guys

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