saint_androgyny (saint_androgyny) wrote in bepimpled,

Job interviews

How do most of you deal witg acne or acne scars when you have a job interview? I have an interview on Friday and, although I finished a treatment of Accutane over a month ago and have no real pimples, my skin looks like shit. In fact, shit probably looks better than my skin. My cheels are red and blotchy and when I put foundation on, the powder seems to enhance the unevenness of my skin. I was told to try some blush, but that seems to make my nasty face already worse.

Do any of you find it hard to get meaningful employment when your skin looks bad, especially women? I know men's appearances are somewhat more lenient, but women are expected to be flawless in a job interview. For those of you looking for a job or who have looked for jobs while having bad skin, what do you do to get the interviewer to not notice how bad your skin is? Are there any makeup tricks I should do? I know some interviewers get "distracted" by dangly earrings or a loud tie, so I'd think acne or red scars would be extremely detrimental in getting someone in human resources to actually listen to you.
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