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Hi everyone :)

Over the last 10 years I've had everything from the occasional blemish to severe acne. I'm using clindoxyl gel, which my dermatologist prescribed, once every two nights, and cleansing with spectro jel. At the moment my acne is moderate; oily face that also peels in some areas (sensitive skin), blackheads on nose and chin, and usually three or four bigger inflamed pimples.

On the nights I use the gel, my skin in the morning looks much clearer. However, the redness and blemishes are back at night. It seems the moisturizer is the problem. I'm also hoping to try a new cleanser eventually.

Which moisturizer would you recommend? Night cream (for the days off the gel)?

So far I've tried philisophy's hope in a bottle, aveeno clear complexion, dermalogica, pretty much everything from la roche-posay, lumene balancing cream, and the clinique line for acne.

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