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Hello all =D

I'm new to the community, but not new to acne =( I started getting it when I was around 12 and I'm almost 19 now. It use to be very bad, my face would flare up and on my fair complexion It was VERY noticable. But then I started using Proactiv, which has worked surprisingly well. While it may not get rid of my acne it has minimized break outs and flare ups significantly. The little red pimples have subsided ALOT but recently I've been getting some bumps which I would call cysts. They're hard and painful, they do not flare to a great size; but they do change color which makes them a lot more noticable. They've begun to look like little bruises, they're dark blue and sometimes purple. I don't pick at them so I don't know why this could be.

If anyone can tell me why this occurs or if you suffer from the same thing please leave a comment  it would be greatly appreciated =)
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