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I've just went back to using Benzoyl Peroxide twice a day after taking a brake to try some natural remedies.  These natural remedies turned out to be a disaster.  Anyway, the BP is working fairly well.  It's no miracle, but I am having less break-outs.

I noticed a few days ago that my NEW pale purple pillow cases are being bleached by the BP.  They're turning pink.  ARG.  Of course I know BP bleaches and I try to be careful, but it's kind of hard not to put my face on my pillow at night.  I might have to switch to pure white pillow cases.

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What natural remedies have you tried?
I'm interested because I'm starting on a diet, and I wonder if I'm screwing myself over with this.
I tried Tea Tree Oil, plain, and with water. Worked in the short term but the next day I'd wake up with cyst like pimples.

I also tried the asprin mask. Plain, with aloe, and with honey. This did not work for me.

I guess plain old 2% BP gel from acne.org is what I'm sticking with.
I used to use a lot of products that had peroxide in them, and it bleached my skin and the hair around my face. I wound up having my face three shades lighter than the rest of my body and still had acne :/
my name is Stewart T.
i found good advices on your post.
i suffer of forehead acne and i tried many treatments, but it didn't help.

good luck!