Just an invitation to the blues (fallintheblinks) wrote in bepimpled,
Just an invitation to the blues

Hi, community! I just really wanted to share what's been working for me lately. I'm really excited about the improvement I've seen in my skin over the past month or two.

The main ingredient here is Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap (in bar form, although I'd like to switch to the liquid form to experiment with dilution). I've heard mixed reviews on castile soap and acne, but after trying it out, I'm swearing by it as a personal solution. I've only had a handful of new pimples on my face since I started using it, and they've been showing up with less and less frequency. Not only that, but my bacne, which has not responded whatsoever to ANYTHING I've tried over the last 6 or 7 years, is starting to really clear up! I'm completely overjoyed about this. The only thing I've experienced is some pretty bad drying on my face, but a little Vitamin E oil daily has been helping, and I imagine it'll be even less of an issue once I get some liquid soap and dilute it for use on my face.

Other factors here include the fact that I no longer use shampoo. I've shaved my head twice over the past two years and noticed that when I was completely bald (and obviously not needing to use shampoo), my skin cleared up a little. I decided to cut out shampoo completely and I think it has definitely influenced the improvement in my skin.

The final thing that I think is influencing my skin's improvement is the fact that I no longer wash it obsessively. I've found a good frequency in washing that works for my skin. Washing my face twice a day every day seems to have just made matters worse. I started seeing the most improvement when I started cleaning my face LESS. I know that's not the solution for everyone, but it's definitely working out well for me.

Now, a few questions:

1) In the future, I want to experiment with weekly or twice-weekly sea salt scrubs, which a friend of mine swears by. I think that could be the thing that'd push my skin into truly clear territory. Any experience with that here?

2) The thing is that I still have some light scarring and occasionally cover it with some drug store make-up, but I am looking to find something less likely to provoke my skin, preferably something mineral-based. I've heard great things about Silk Naturals; does anyone here have any experience with their product? Anything you've found that you like more?

3) While we're at it, what's worked for you in treating scarring from acne on your face or back? I'm thinking of trying out Mederma.
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