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bad acne? i can help

i actually know whats it like to have bad acne, when i was a lot younger i would do the toothpaste thing. Yeah it worked for a while. but what actually help clear my skin was avon's skin cleanser. it was so wonderful and affordable. Like other cleansers it would irritate and burn my skin, Avon's solution cleansers would calm and clear my skin and the part i liked about it was my skin didn't become irritated.
 i am very picky about what goes on my face. so i completely understand if you are skeptical about the product.  The name of the cleanser is solutions, complete radiance day and night, and it's only $8 so you really dont have a lot to lose but acne. Avon even have cleansers called clear skin that cost $5. so i you are like me and want to the reign of acne to be over then go to and click on the skincare tab. I wish you all the best of luck with your acne.


p.s. and if you have any questions feel free to contact me through my blog or email, if anything i want to help people with issues such as these. :-)

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